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Restaurant, Bar & Taverns Insurance

Restaurant insurance protects the restaurant business owners worked so hard to establish while also allowing it to grow. Even when everything appears to be in order, problems occur. Thus, covering all your bases when running a busy restaurant should be a priority with your protection allies at Stampede Insurance.

Stampede Insurance Services caters to the insurance needs of today's restaurant operators, providing quality coverage that is unique to the sector. Our value is straightforward, and it's designed for full-service fine dining and family businesses.

Read on to explore smart options for your small restaurant and scale your business with the right protections.

What To Know About Restaurant Insurance

With 1 in 12 private-sector workers making a living in the restaurant industry, business owners shouldn't overlook getting restaurant insurance. A business owner's policy (BOP) costs roughly $175 per month or $2,080 per year on average for restaurant owners. 

The median number eliminates extreme highs and lows, giving a more accurate picture of regular restaurant insurance costs than the average figure. Your restaurant's location, operations, and business property and equipment value determine your restaurant's pricing.

Restaurant Insurance Coverage

The cost of restaurant insurance varies widely. When deciding coverage costs, insurance companies consider various factors, including expertise, location, and claims history. 

At Stampede Insurance, we've used our experience to create a portfolio of coverages that protects every aspect of your restaurant business. The following coverages are available:

  • Property Insurance (Business income, equipment breakdown, food contamination spoilage, and sewer backup)
  • Employee Dishonesty/Crime
  • General Liability Insurance (slips and falls, food poisoning, and customer burns)
  • Liability for alcoholic beverages
  • Liability for Employee Benefits

Getting Restaurant Coverage At Stampede Insurance

Stampede Insurance Services can serve you better because we specialize in and understand the restaurant industry. We provide the following services:

  • Broad coverage tailored to your standards and designed for your industry.
  • Competitive pricing
  • Responsive, equitable claims services protect policyholders' best interests.
  • Access to unique restaurant-specific safety and loss prevention information.

Before you buy restaurant insurance, make sure you understand the basics of what type of insurance your restaurant needs. You'll need to know the following prior to receiving a quote from Stampede Insurance:

  • Your location's square footage
  • Building type and age
  • Fire and security system type
  • Estimated sales and customer numbers
  • Inventory, equipment, and technology are all worth something.
  • Number of employes 
  • Your restaurant's equipment

Frequently Asked Questions About Restaurant Insurance

Read through these commonly searched questions to know more about the right restaurant insurance to get for your business.

What kinds of insurance do restaurants require?

Restaurants require coverage for the issues they may face. Standard coverage includes business owner's policy, workers' compensation insurance, general liability insurance, commercial auto insurance, and liquor liability insurance.

What are restaurant liabilities?

Restaurant liability is any external financial commitments that the restaurant must meet within one year. These may include utilities, short-term loans, interest on those loans, lines of credit, building rent, equipment rent, wages, income tax deductions, or employee medical plan payments.

Is fast food a liability?

If, for example, your fast food is accused of making a client sick, your establishment will have to defend itself. Restaurant liability insurance can assist you in avoiding the costs of legal defense, judgments, and settlements.

Restaurant insurance packages bundle the many types of insurance restaurant owners require to protect themselves from liability. A suitable liability insurance policy for a restaurant will cover different areas. Depending on your restaurant services, professionals at Stampede Insurance can walk you through your options for smart long-term protective solutions. 

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